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nlo workshop in gujarat

"Mindprogramming with NLP Core Techniques"

This is 2 days's seminar, this seminar tranform your life.Workshop highly suitable for the people who want to more out of NLP in shortest period of time. It is useful for sales personnel, businesspersons, sportspersons, senior citizens and individuals,students, youth, couples, professionals.

After this workshop, you will learn how to:

* Programming your mind to get desire result.
* Get rid of unwanted mind-patterns that cause pain, stress, anxiety or depression.
* Multiply your productivity.
* How to Win Friends and Influence People.
* Create mind-patterns for mental, emotional and physical wellness.
* Be more confident, delightful and focussed for your goals.
* Develop positive mind-patterns for money and success.
* Have better family environment.
* Create better results in your relationship.
* Copy or modelling Successful People.
* Hypnotism Basic With Technique.
* Achieve wonderful results in your business and profession.

Here lie the session-wise details of the program;

Day One


• Introduction of NLP- Basic Introduction of NLP with Maximum Detail for Relationship , Business, Personal
• Purpose of life And God Reality
• The Phobia-Trauma Cure: NLP Techniques for Handling painful memories/traumas, anxiety, depression, fear, anger etc.
• Build confidence, happiness and Wellness: NLP Techniques for building Confidence, Happiness and Wellness.


• What is The Secret of Successful people
• Personal ,Family ,Business Goal – NLP Techniques
• NLP Techniques for healing confusions and inner-conflicts and Creating Personal Alignment for unlimited Productivity, Motivation and Positive Attitude.

Day Two


• NLP Techniques for healing your Relationship, resolving relationship issues and creating long-lasting and successful relationship with your family, friends, clients and team members.
• Developing Mind-Blueprints for Money/Wealth Attraction.


• NLP Techniques for transforming inner-self image for your million-dollar personality.
• Exam For Testing your Knowledge
• Certification Ceremony

Material Will be provided,Lunch and Tea will be provided but accommodation will not be provided
Early bird discount price: 6000 INR

Rajkot: 5-6 Oct. 2013
Ahmedabad: 12-13 Oct. 2013
Language: Hindi

If you want to save cost ,Online Training will be provided with Materials,Certificate,Techniques and Excercises.
Fees: 4500 INR

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nlo workshop in gujarat

"Super Kids-Genius Teens" Workshop
Today almost each Indian student faces the one or more challenges during their education, like:
* They learn their subject but fail to retain it for long.
* They frequently experience fear of exam, public speaking or interview.
* They adopt unwanted behaviours and habits but don’t know how to get rid of them.
* They frequently lose their interest and attitude in studies or in a particular subject but don’t know how to recreate the lost interest.
* They have a number of times relationship issues with their parents.
* They come across a number of depressing teenage issues and suffer a lot.

First time in India, I take this opportunity to address the core and burning issues of the students in this NLP for Indian students workshop called 'Super kids-Genius Teens. If you are a parent, teacher or a tutor, you can recommend this workshop to your students so that they can learn better, feel more comfortable and achieve their best.

We offer, First time in India, a unique NLP-Photogenic workshop for students.
In this workshop, you will;
* Become more confident, positive and delightful
* Learn to develop interest in your studies and future goals
* Learn to create Super Concentration
* Learn and retain your syllabus 10 times faster
* Get rid of your fear of any subject, exam, public speaking and interview
* Learn to erase your past negative memories
* Learn to double your stress-handling capacity
* Learn to retain the whole book even with page number
* Develop positive beliefs about yourselves and your hidden potential
* Solve the problem of making silly mistakes in Exam
* Get more associated with your purpose in life and career
* Time Management
* Spelling Remember and recall Skills
* Maths Skills

People Voice

"The process was powerful and set us off on a meaningful journey. This will light my path from this point on. Thank you!"
-Mayur Devani
Mayur Textile Consulting

“Great course! If change is what you really want and you are prepared to work hard then this is perfect. The techniques are great and I am walking away with the feelings of excitement and motivation to achieve my goals.”
Hitesh Devani and D.K.Devani
Devani Export Pvt.Ltd.

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