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Corporate Training with NLP

"Telling and Selling"-Applied NLP WorkShop

nlo workshop in gujarat

After this workshop, you will learn how to:
Languages:Hindi Or English

* Workshop One: Introduction to the Languages of the Brain
* Workshop Two: Scripts to Get Invited(Psychology Based Message)
* Workshop Three: Sell YOU at the First Meeting
* Workshop Four:"Warm" the Cold Call
* Workshop Five: Learn What the Customer Really Wants and Needs
* Workshop Six: Lead the Process with Embedded Action Commands
* Workshop Seven: Customerize Your Proposal to Fit Prospect’s Mind
* Workshop Eight: Handle Objections without Losing Trust/Rapport
* Workshop Nine: Fine-Tune Your Own Attitude
* Workshop Ten: Telemarketing Scripting for Inbound/Outbound One-C
* Achieve wonderful results in your business and profession.
nlo workshop in gujarat

"More Business Application coming soon"

People Voice

"The process was powerful and set us off on a meaningful journey. This will light my path from this point on. Thank you!"
-Mayur Devani
Mayur Textile Consulting

“Great course! If change is what you really want and you are prepared to work hard then this is perfect. The techniques are great and I am walking away with the feelings of excitement and motivation to achieve my goals.”
Hitesh Devani and D.K.Devani
Devani Export Pvt.Ltd.

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