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nlp application in education
NLP Application in Education
I conducted verious survey and i found below problems in education,Using NLP in education we can solve this problems
* Logical Level Statement
* Learning Disabilities
* Dyslexia
* Spelling/Language Problems
* Mathematics Problems
* MemoryProblems
* Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD)
(ex.Hyperactivity, Impulsiveness,Distractibility,Lack of organization,Forgetfulness ,Procrastination)
* Recover from child abusive case
nlp application in business
NLP Application in Business
We can apply NLP in verious area of business
* New Idea Generation
* Creativity in business
* Marketing, Sales And Customer Relations
* Negotiation
* Conflicts Resolutions
* Management Development
* Building an organizational Vision
* Changing Corporate Cultures,and Improving Moral
*Persuading and Influencing Skills
nlp application in health
NLP Application in Health
We Provide NLP Training And session for Below Problems
* Addiction Problems(eg.Alchohol,Cigarette smoking,Chewing Tobacco and More.)
* Grief And loss
* Sleep Problems
* Fears,Phobias,Anxieties Problems
* Depression and Stress
* Weight Loss and More
nlp application in personal development
NLP Application in Modelling Success of Successfull people and Personal Development

* Personal Change Growth
* Plan you Future
* Reinvent yourself
* Strength of Character
* Passion and Confidence
* Spiritual Enlightenment
* Live your values

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