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Kwiknlp Team

kwiknlp team

"Mahendra Ribadiya"

After completing his schooling in science at P.P.Savani High School , He did Engineeringg in ,After that He worked Citigroup information technology operations and solutions ltd. During that time he started his consulting work as an Ethical hacker,Mind Programmer, Combine Artificial intelligence with Mind , Mind Mapping for reading ,Marketing and Sales strategy Planner,Digital Marketing Planner to transform Human Being and Verious Company , That time he touched with Dr.Jhon Grinder And Dr.Will Horton and both guru touched his life and he Learnt NLP from them and he became Certified from Dr.Jhon Grinder (International Trainers Academy of NLP,UK) and Certified NLP Trainer from National Federation of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NFNLP),USA,and Certified Clinical Hypnotherapis ,USA. and he is pursuing Ph.d and More.....Learning journey continuous..

Mahendra continuosly uses NLP to transform person mind into successful person, He started with NLP in College and society when he realized he was gifted with an extra ordinary ability to program and to teach it to his class mates and society. Basically he is computer programmer and ethical hacker so that he undertand this concept very well, also he learn every subject very quickly so realized that he was able to transfer this skill to learn any technology quickly. In this process he has learned about the whole process of modeling and continuously practices to become a NLP modeler who can acquire various skills from talents around the world. he is currently focused on developing training method using AI and computer programs.

    He believe that successful people is riddled with clues,if we model them and their life then we also transform our life So he started the school of brain with under "KWIKNLP" Brand name.

He also launched successful IT Company

Mind Education Online

People Voice

"The process was powerful and set us off on a meaningful journey. This will light my path from this point on. Thank you!"
-Mayur Devani
Mayur Textile Consulting

“Great course! If change is what you really want and you are prepared to work hard then this is perfect. The techniques are great and I am walking away with the feelings of excitement and motivation to achieve my goals.”
Hitesh Devani and D.K.Devani
Devani Export Pvt.Ltd.

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