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What isNLP

NLP is a art of achieving desire outcome using our whole mind click arrow


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What is NLP ?

"Neuro-Linguistic Programming is Study of How people think using Linguistic(Eye,Ear,Feelling,Taste,Smell means Five Senses) and Store
Experiences and Program Experiences"
"In My Opinion, NLP is a art of how to sort out information from outside world using five senses and our Mind means Hardware to make Program or Software from this information for ourlife and others either this is useful software or virus and other form of viruses.Software Quality depends upon our skill sets and intelligence."
Success is not an accident. The difference between people who produce positive result and who do not is not a some sort of random rules with guys. There are consistent, logical patterns of action, and specific pathways to excellence that are within reach of us all."
We Provide NLP training in gujarat,mumbai,delhi in verious part of India.

nlp training in india

Have you ever asked Question to yourself Why some people more Successfull and everything in their life and others not?

Think Answer and then compare your answer with my answer

I asked this question to lots of people and I have come to the conclusion that
In the world three types of people exit
1) No Skill
2) Skill
3) Master of skill
If you have not skill than you are not sucess(Here I know you think without skill or education Dhirubhai Ambani and lot of people achieved success,this is all our excuses and beliefs, Successfull people have not formal school education but every qualitities and skills they have for success consciously or unconsciously so they fall in 3)Master of skill ),
if you have skill than you success but stuck or Competition eat you anytime or not, if you are master of skill than what i say you know you creat history.For more information drop me mail or call me

Story About Krishna:-

After Studying NLP deeply from Founder of NLP, I thought that this knowledge is superior than Bhagvat Gita so my mind was wondering how it possible then I found the source of NLP in Bhagvat gita and I am more than happy to share this story with you So read now because my goal is to succeed with you

First of all, our direct perception is on the sensual platform, by sense perception (indriyani parany ahuh). For example, now I am directly seeing your 4 Wheel—this is the sensual platform. But if you describe your 4 wheel to me, then I see it on the mental platform. These two visions—sensual and mental—are different. And when an Auto expert or Mechanic thinks of how to Repair or improve the 4 wheel, he is seeing on the intellectual platform. That is another vision.

So, even in the material realm, there are three visions, three platforms: sensual, mental, and intellectual. And above all these is the spiritual platform. On this platform is the soul, who experiences the world through the material senses, mind, and intelligence. So, we speak on the spiritual platform. We know that if someone is spiritually sound, then he will be intellectually, mentally, and physically sound as well. That is our proposition. When you have one 100 Rs., then you also have fifty Rupees, twenty-five Rupees, and ten rupees. So, we train our students spiritually. For spiritual understanding we have integrated world class Science with it, It is NLP. We Provide NLP training in gujarat,mumbai, delhi in verious part of India,NLP certification in india

Chankya Teaching you:-

"क्रोध के उन्माद मे नहीं होता स्मश्या का निदान, किंतु शांत चित हर स्मश्या का हल ढूंढ सकता है।" अक बात सदेव याद रखना (आपका नाम) कोई भी नियति जनित स्मश्या मानवीय क्षमता से बड़ी नहीं होती। स्मश्या मात्र इतनी सी है की अधिकतर लोग कठिनाईओ को केवल देखते रह जाते है ,किंतु कुछ लोग कठिनाईओ के बीच रहकर भी , अपने लक्ष्य को प्राप्त करने की क्षमता रखते है ।

इतिहास मे केवल उनिका नाम रह जाता है , जो विषम से विषम परिस्थितीओ मे रहकर भी अपने लक्ष्य को द्रष्टी मे रखकर ,दैनिक स्मश्या मे बिना उलजे , लक्ष्यप्राप्ति मे आनेवाली कठिनाईओ को समूल से सुलजा लेते है। इतिहास साक्षी है (आपका नाम) , महान वही बन पाया है , जिसने अपनी कठिनाईओ को आगे बढ्ने का अवसर बना लिया हो ,जिसने अपनी कमिओको निर्बलता नहीं बल्कि अपनी शक्ति बना ली हो।

असंभव दिखनेवाला निर्णय होता क्या है , एक ऐसा निर्णय जो लिया जा सकता है, इसलिए निर्णय चाहे जितना असंभव लगे निर्णय लो, कारण के स्मश्या को अनिर्णय से खिचोंगे तो स्मश्या तुम्हें खा जाएंगी, निर्णय लेने मे साहस करो फिर देखो इतिहास तुम्हारा नाम कैसे अमर बना देता है।

अक सरल नियम है “स्मश्या तुम्हें समाप्त करे उससे पहले स्मश्या को समाप्त कर दो, जड़ से मिटा दो ताकि वो अपना सर ही न उठा सके” “क्यूकी यहा पे “लो ऑफ अट्रैक्शन ” नियम लागू होता है। क्यूकी आप जो चीज़ के बारेमे सोचते रहोंगे वही आपके साथ होंगा।

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